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Because why not

2021.12.01 19:06 Faytus21 Because why not

Like everyone saw Titanfall 1 is taken from sale by Respawn, but the servers are """up""" in some ways like you might said. We already break a record of online players in Titanfall 2, so why not do the same ?
At least try
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2021.12.01 19:06 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Stacey Abrams launches 2nd campaign for Georgia governor | Globe

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2021.12.01 19:06 D4R1N Mega steelix raid 3943 5772 7332

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2021.12.01 19:06 Sea_Criticism_1452 I got the baddies going crazy on FaceTime💯💯 lmk if interested don’t waste time

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2021.12.01 19:06 androidsmarttv HAKO Mini is a Google & Netflix Certified Android TV 10 Streaming Dongle

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2021.12.01 19:06 ranchcornelius What is wrong with my Jade plant?

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2021.12.01 19:06 creative-license New FYC Ad for Adam for HoG 💕🏆

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2021.12.01 19:06 Jami_Mc Doing a thing. Also desplaying my skins

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2021.12.01 19:06 ReVeila The Rock's Career had it started Today: Part 2 - The Samoan Dynasty

The Rock has just won the WWE Title from long time rival Pete Dunne, beating for the first time. He beat 29 other stars in the Royal Rumble, and then beat Seth Rollins to stop a Triple Threat, but then beat NXT Rival Dunne, having never beaten him before. This started the massive rise in The Rock’s career, and 2024 was already his year.
We start on the lead-up to Wrestlemania Backlash. Pete Dunne looks for revenge, as The Draft threw him over to Smackdown. This is from WrestleMania Backlash to Summerslam 2024!
Wrestlemania Backlash: May 2024
The night after WrestleMania comes around, and the Draft throws a spanner in the works, Pete Dunne being the first pick after all the champions, being drafted to Smackdown, away from The Rock. He wanted a Rematch, and was going to RUIN The Rock’s career. He didn’t care if he had to ruin the Samoan Dynasty to do it, he would ruin him.
Over the weeks, Dunne faced NXT Hot Star Solo? Pummelled him. Jimmy Uso got destroyed, and Jey lost to Dunne, but The Rock saved BOTH Usos from being put on the shelf like Solo did. Pete Dunne brought back-up though, in Raw’s New Drafts Ridge Holland and Sheamus. The Rock made sure The Usos, ALSO on Raw, had his back, and family stuck together and the groups were told The Usos and Holland & Sheamus cannot be involved on the night. The Usos beat Holland and Sheamus on the night, but would Rocky have the same?
Pete Dunne vs The Rock - WWE Championship Extreme Rules Match
This was it. Dunne knew this was it, and the gum shield went in, and they brawled. Rocky and Dunne threw hands, but in the end, Rock, the champion, got the upper hand. Dunne slips outside the ring, and changes the tides by finding a chain, wrapping it around his hand, and cracks the champion in the leg. This was a different Dunne tonight, and he was out for blood.
It was blood he wanted, and he got it. A little later in the match, blood was drawn with a cheese grater that was in a bag with the Bruiserweight logo. With a smirk, he pulls out a small bottle., and with a pre-set up table, he pours it on the table. The commentators get a ‘Mick Foley vs Edge’ vibe from this, as the table is lit on fire, but Rock is back on his feet! With a kick to the gut, Dunne is dragged to the apron, and Pete and Rocky fight for survival, but The Rock lifts Dunne up, and with a Samoan Drop, both men plummet through the table!
Both men somehow keep going. A Bitter end is brought out, but Rocky kicks out! And it’s the same with the Rock’s Rock Bottom! Dunne kicks out, and both men are left laying. But a familiar song comes to the audience…and the commentators recognise this man was not in the Draft! He has not been seen since losing the Universal Title a few years ago! The Tribal Chief, The Head of the Table Roman Reigns walks down the ramp, Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa by his side!
Roman and The Rock lock eyes, as Solo is sent by Paul, and Dunne being Bloody and burnt slightly, Solo takes a chair and wrecks a chair over the back of Dunne, and then…The Rock stands. Bloodied, Broken and dizzy from the wreckage, Roman enters the Ring, Solo and Paul now on the outside, they look like they’re about to be thrown down. But Pete has a back-up too, as Wade Barrett jumps the Barricade, in street clothes, looking like a fighter, he clocks Roman into Rock, and sends Roman out of the ring, as Rocky staggers, and after another minute, Roman slams Barrett through the table, and Rocky makes Dunne pass out. The Rock wins, but he isn’t too happy about it. Roman and Rock stare down, as The Usos now come out, and Jim, Jey and Solo try and make sure they don’t fight. And the show goes off the air.
Hell in a Cell: June 2024
The weeks after Wrestlemania Backlash are tense. Roman, The Usos and Solo Sikoa are all on Raw, and it’s like a gang that isn’t together, but you’re unsure if they’ll team up or break. The WWE Champion and Roman Reigns are at a difference at the end of Dunne vs Rocky that night, and in the end? Rocky wants to face Roman. He made sure it wasn’t for the title, he just wanted to test himself, and Roman wanted to push the rust off.
Somehow…Kevin Owens, now on Raw since the draft, gets in on this, and this does indeed turn into a WWE Championship Triple Threat match, and Roman and Rock just ignore Owens, though... on the final week before the Hell in a Cell, Owens does send Rock and Reigns out of the ring, and holds it. He watches Rock and Reigns, though wary of one another, had eyes locked on Owens.
The Rock vs Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns - WWE Championship Hell in a Cell
Right away, Rock and Roman face off. And this is the tale for most of the match. The Rock and Roman Reigns facing off with one another, and Owens occasionally getting the upper hand. Owens does send Rocky out for a time, but he gets destroyed by Reigns, but later on in the match, Owens sends Rock into Reigns, and takes it to the champion, and they’re pretty even.
In the final moments of the match, tables have been broken over the match, Owens and Rocky being pushed together through it, Owens splashing from a ladder onto Reigns, Rock and Owens suplex Reigns down onto a pile of chairs, and then as Owens is taken out with a superman punch, Roman drops to a spinebuster, and Owens cracks the jaw with a Superkick. The Usos and Solo storm the ring, and they unlock the cage, locking themselves inside too. Rock is up first, and while Jey goes to Roman, Jim and Solo are talking to The Rock. Owens realises what’s happening, and throws punches, and somehow gets Jim and Jey out of the ring, but with a Solo Superkick, a Superman Punch and a Rock Bottom, and Roman steps back... and with a 1, 2, 3? The Rock Retains.
The crowd are cheering, but are confused. Roman stands with The Usos, and The Rock has Solo by his side…and Roman and The Rock just…exchange a smirk. They embrace, as so The Usos and Solo, as a chorus of Boos echo around the arena. Was it a plan the whole time? Dud The Rock plan this? This ‘Samoan Dynasty’ in the middle of the ring were ruling the ring. Were they on the same page?
Money in the Bank: July 2024
The very next night, The Rock, Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, The Usos and Solo Sikoa stand in the ring. The Rock admits he called on Roman, and the tension was all for show. They are family after all. And It was apparent when the Samoans were attacked by Owens? Kevin set this into place. Solo? He was about to get a shot for his North American Title he lost to Grayson Waller, but then Owens ruined it, but set it all in motion.
The fact remained that The Samoan Dynasty as they were now named, declared the Money in the Bank Briefcase to be theirs. Roman qualified by beating Cesaro, but Solo failed to beat Pete Dunne. The Usos eyed the Tag Titles on either brand, as the Money in the Bank match was set. On the night, The Rock would face Kevin Owens 1 on 1, as Owens wanted revenge for that night.
The Money in the Bank match consisted of Roman Reigns, Tommaso Ciampa, Omos, Ricochet, Pete Dunne, Randy Orton and Riddle. In the end, it’s Solo coming down once more, with a debuting new star in Lance Sikoa, better known as Lance Anoa’i on the Indies, locking in Roman Reigns’ win of Money in the Bank. Roman was now Mr Money in the Bank, and had an eye on Owens. If he won tonight? Roman would win the title instead.
The Rock vs Kevin Owens - WWE Championship
Kevin starts with the usual fire and brutality he normally does when he’s angry. And with Roman Reigns’ past with Owens, The Usos too, and now The Rock? This was Owens’ breaking point. He hit a stunner early, and threw himself to the outside, and The Rock was not expecting this right away! The Rock then turns the ref’s back, and flicks his leg back and hits a low blow. Rocky taunts the audience, as The WWE Champion was back in control.
The match took a while as Rock was taunting Owens and the crowd. For how much he was cheered a month ago? He received the same loudness, only in boos. Rock makes sure he gets all of the taunting in, but as he went for a People’s Elbow, Kevin Owens was slapped by the Elbow Pad of Rock. This enraged Owens, and then the pace quickened.
The final part of the match comes when Owens hits a stunner, and Rocky is sent out of the ring! Owens manages to get a limp Rock back into the ring, sending Rock into the ropes and pops him up for a powerbomb, but Rock reverses, and hits a stunner of his own! The crowd boos loudly, and with that, a middle finger to the crowd, and then a Rock Bottom, and a People’s Elbow with the most confidence, and pins Owens, 1, 2, 3. The Rock celebrates his win, as Money in the Bank ends with…a scary scene.
The end of Money in the Bank ends with The Universal Title being defended by Shinsuke Nakamura against Jeff Hardy in his final match in WWE before he retired for good. As the match sends both men down to the mat, a scary Deja Vu moment where Roman and Paul Heyman come out, and make the Universal Title match a Triple Threat. And with a few spears to both men, Roman Reigns wins the Universal Title. Out comes The Rock, The Usos and The Sikoa’s, and the Samoan Dynasty stands, The Rock with the WWE Title, and Roman Reigns with the Universal Title.
From this moment, months pass by of Samoan Trios ruling Raw and Smackdown. Roman had The Jimmy and Jey Uso and The Rock had Solo and Lance Sikoa. Both duo’s win the Tag Titles on the same night, and the fans rally behind a duo from NXT’s Golden Days in 2019. They hold a precious history for NXT, and they have had enough.
Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. #DiY ran several times in NXT and won the Tag Team Titles. The pair come together, and aim to dethrone the Samoan Menaces of Roman Reigns and The Usos. The one who defeated Roman Reigns for his Universal Title in The Rated R Superstar Edge comes up, and agrees to team with them.
Survivor Series: November 2024
The whole premise this year was WWE Vs The Samoan Dynasty. Edge, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa had rallied together, and Pete Dunne, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins are brought in over the weeks, but Rollins and Dunne dipped from the match at the last minute. So, 2 others had to take their place, and #DiY called on a team they knew quite well: Moustache Mountain.
The Samoan Dynasty (Rock, Reigns, The Usos & The Sikoa’s)
Team WWE (Edge, Kevin Owens, #DiY and Moustache Mountain)
Not going too much in depth into this, The teams lead with The Rock and Edge. The two heaviest hitters out first. Edge looks at Roman though, and dares him out. The Rock looks to be making the tag, but The Usos had taken steps into the ring on either side, and double superkicks on Edge! A tag happens now to Roman Reigns and he spears Edge, 1, 2, 3. Edge is out, and Team WWE are stunned!
The eliminations are even now, as Gargano taps out Lance, Ciampa takes out Jimmy, but Solo takes out Tyler Bate. Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa hit a double Superkick and take out Trent Seven, and then Kevin Owens is out via Rock Bottom, and then #DiY removed Solo Sikoa from the mix.
Roman Reigns comes back in, and spears Ciampa and takes him out, but Gargano manages to roll up Roman Reigns! Johnny Wrestling just pinned the Universal Champion! Jey Uso is not happy, as he gets in and just unloads on Gargano. Roman is dragged away by security and management, but Gargano locks in a Gargano Escape! Jey Uso taps out, but The Rock is already hitting the ropes, and hits a People’s Elbow on Gargano as Jey taps. Jey rolls aside, and with a Rock Bottom, for the 2nd year in a row, The Rock wins as Sole Survivor.
The Rock and Jey Uso celebrate, but Roman Reigns is angry, blames The Rock for the loss.
Our last stop? WrestleMania 2025. Over the months, Roman Reigns loses the Universal Title to Johnny Gargano, and The Usos turn against Roman, and Roman’s sent off to Raw. The Rock still has The Sikoa’s by his side, but they’ve slowly become those jerks the fans love. They still do the same thing, just against…anyone.
Royal Rumble comes around and Roman runs the gauntlet, from 1 to 30. Cesaro seems to be the favourite, as does Ciampa, but the pair toss out Roman, and Ciampa wins the Royal Rumble and goes on to face Johnny Gargano at WrestleMania. And once more, Roman Reigns blames The Rock for all of this.
Elimination Chamber, and The Rock beats 5 other men, 1 of them being Roman Reigns, who pulled an Edge and took out a star and locked himself in a pod, but was let out at number 3 between Omos and Otis. He’s crushed and tossed around, which the WWE Universe seem to love, and then The Rock comes out. Moment of truth time, as Rocky watches Reigns get up….and then Rock Bottoms him and eliminates him. The Rock wins the Chamber, and beats Otis at Fastlane, but after the match, Roman is flanked by The Sikoa’s, and attacks The Rock.
WrestleMania: April 2025
Over the next few weeks, Roman and The Sikoa’s attack Rocky, but The Usos come out to just stop them. Not defending either just stopping the fights. But The Sikoa’s just…stop. But Roman just wipes out all 4. And the week before Mania, it’s Roman Reigns standing over all of his Former Samoan Dynasty family, and Roman has laid them all out.
The Rock vs Roman Reigns - WWE Championship
The Rock. Roman Reigns. Two of the Samoan’s most beloved wrestlers to this day, and probably ever. The Crowd is already chanting ‘This is Awesome’. The pair circle one another, and then lock up. The start of the match is a feeling-out process, as Rocky is knocked down by a shoulder tackle, then Roman takes the same. Then Roman misses a Superman Punch, and The Rock can’t catch a Rock Bottom either.
Roman takes the upper hand a moment later, as Rock goes up to the 2nd rope, and goes for a move, but is caught with a Reign’s Special Uppercut, sending Rocky to the floor. He mocks The Rock, taunting on the 2nd rope, and then starts and wears Rocky down, the neck and shoulders of The Rock being worked with harsh looking submissions, and brutal Neckbreakers and Backbreakers.
Later, Rocky starts a comeback. Clotheslines and punches, and stomping a mudhole in the corner. Then, out of nowhere, Rock Bottom! But it’s not from The People’s Champion. The Tribal Chief actually hits a Rock Bottom! But he doesn’t go for the pin, he gestures to the ramp, and The Usos and The Sikoa’s come down. They surround the ring, and Roman tosses Rocky out. The Referee is told to stay out of it, but…The Usos and The Sikoa’s do…nothing.
Rocky stands, eyeing the teams, and nods, looking at Roman now. And he enters the ring, and he gestures to the ramp HIMSELF, and out comes Roman’s father, Sika, and his Uncle Afa. They stand on the bottom of the ramp, and they stare at Roman. They shake their heads, and they turn away. Roman..is furious at this, yelling at them The Usos step on the apron on one side…the Sikoa’s on the other. The crowd starts to see what’s happening now and it erupts in cheers from the WrestleMania crowd.
The WWE Champion smirks that devilish smirk, from back at Hell in a Cell 2024, but Roman looks scared now. He looks at Jim. Then Jey. Solo, and then Lance. One by one, they step off the apron and Roman is now alone. The Rock unleashes some right hands, and then an Atomic Drop, into a Spinebuster. The People’s Champion feels the crowd back once more with him, and with the People’s Elbow, and with 3 Rock Bottoms, Roman is down for the 1, 2, 3. Roman Reigns has lost.
The Rock gestures everyone into the ring. Afa and Sika come in with the necklace Roman wore, but instead of taking it, Rocky shook his head. He put it over the head of Sika, and Afa got one from The Usos. The Rock, The Usos, The Sikoa’s and the Wild Samoans celebrate the fall of the chief in the ring, and the night ends happily. Roman’s reign of terror? Is over.
The Rock goes on to defend the title, but loses it to Cesaro, but wins Money in the Bank later on. Dunne is moved to Raw, and Dunne wins the case from The Rock, but then Dunne loses to Cesaro thanks to Rocky. Then Ricochet teams with The Rock to win the Tag Titles in 2026, and hold it for a few months before Ricochet turns heel. There are more WWE Title reigns in Rocky's future, but the peak? The peak was always when The Rock took down his old Rival Dunne at one WrestleMania, and then the Samoan family took out the Tyrannical Roman Reigns, sending him packing. Forever a WrestleMania Moment, and a Key Moment in The Rock's rise to being the Face of WWE for decades to come.
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2021.12.01 19:06 HeaddeOrder One of these things is not like the other

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2021.12.01 19:06 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - Mass. reports 4,838 new COVID-19 cases, 25 new deaths | Globe

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2021.12.01 19:06 Kurotsuro According to Spotify:

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2021.12.01 19:06 bencoppock H: caps W: forest scout unyielding/powered/?

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2021.12.01 19:06 Studio10eleven Man arrested in Watkins Glen for beating, choking woman into unconsciousness - WETM - MyTwinTiers.com

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2021.12.01 19:06 soulexpert Противолодочный крейсер "Москва" 1979г.

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2021.12.01 19:06 CaptJM Missing the cats today (ex took them a few months ago, not deceased). Really we got them for her and I don’t love the destruction they caused to the furniture etc, but they were funny and snuggly. Just know all your cat pics and vid’s make me smile and help me fill the void. thank you.

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2021.12.01 19:06 collegessays Verified Tutor- For your Essays, Research Papers, Nursing, Statistics, Maths, Physics, Accounting & Finance, Computer Science, Biology, Psychology and More. Discord: AcademicExpert#3183 email: ewriters18@gmail.com WhatsApp +1 (573) 203-1841

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WhatsApp +1 (573) 203-1841
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2021.12.01 19:06 Incurso1 Noise Gate

Not sure what noise gate to get, Im nowhere near a music store so i have to order one online without testing. Its between the zuul and the deci-mate. Unless someone has other ideas let me know
View Poll
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2021.12.01 19:06 Mad_Season_1994 Suppose you have a new employee who sucks at their job and doesn't know what they're doing. Whose fault would it be in this case: The employee for not being prepared enough for the job, or the employer for hiring them?

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2021.12.01 19:06 NumerousAd8392 Come get high w me and chill on discord 💀 19M

Got tons of games so we’ll find sum to do :P
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2021.12.01 19:06 Fish_in_a_Chicken All the goodness needed please

Hi friends,
I'm not overly active in here but I always enjoy and appreciate seeing what everyone is up to. I'm in need of help and I thought I would turn to this community.
I'm seeing a new psychiatrist today as the wheels have taken off my wagon. It's the first time in a very long time, but my depression has me on the ropes and anxiety is working the body hard. I'm a mess of a creature at the moment and I don't really even see myself as someone worth saving, but there are folks that I don't want to hurt so I am trying to get help. I have no idea what this doc is going to suggest but I am low-key terrified.
If anyone has a spare moment to light a candle, say a prayer or blessing, or even just a wee thought for this woman in pain, it would be appreciated. I can't say that this is comfortable for me, only because I'm usually the worst at asking for help and receiving kindness and comfort, but I'm at my breaking point and don't know what else to do.
Thank you all, and sending my love from Queensland, Australia. ❤
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2021.12.01 19:06 YanniRotten Mark Probert, Deep Trance Medium, Channels ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-Tse (born 571 BCE) on "LIFE IS MAGIC" LP (c. 1955)

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2021.12.01 19:06 AnEvilVet How to replace interior instrument panel bulbs

I have a UK 2011 Grand Scenic DCI and one of the bulbs has gone on the instrument panel. This is the bulb behind the dial where you select which vents air is flowing out of.
Can anyone help with how I can remove the panel and replace the bulb? The owners manual is no help and I can't find any guides or videos for my model.
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2021.12.01 19:06 boloobear Girl says text me tonight after the first date and doesn't respond when I do

So this girl suggested we go out to a wine bar. lots of emojis in the the texts prior and the conversation flowed. not really flirty but substantive and meaningful. i said when are you free and she said maybe in a month and then as we are leaving she smiled and said text me tonight. i texted her and she didn't respond. I'm confused
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