LF/FT: Pokes

2021.12.01 18:09 JustifiedBro LF/FT: Pokes

LF: HA Shroomish w/ Seed bomb, HA Gligar, Female Adamant Elekid with cross chop + ice punch, HA swinub with icicle crash, Sneasel with ice shard + Icicle crash, Modest 5 iv magnemite
Ivs dont matter except for the magnemite

FT: Jolly HA Moon ball 5 iv gible w/ Iron head + Outrage (x2 atm)
Jolly HA Love ball 5 iv dratini w/ Dragon dance + Extreme speed (x1 atm)
Jolly 5 iv bagon w/ Hydro pump, Fire fang, Dragon dance, Dragon rush (x2 atm)
Jolly 5 iv chimchar w/ Thunder punch + Fake out (x1 atm)
6 iv MALE ralts (x1)
Timid 5 iv eevee with adaptability (x3 atm)
All of the iv's are in the right places.
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2021.12.01 18:09 Tacrolimus005 Hopefully there’s a cash tip

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2021.12.01 18:09 Kingpfhobos88 In theory

Since Rex’s number is CT-7567 than would that mean that’s there’s a CT-6969
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2021.12.01 18:09 papillonp I force veganism down peoples throats, especially vegetarians, should I feel bad?

I don’t feel bad. But I feel like I should. I enjoy it actually. I enjoy the making people uncomfortable by bringing up the fact that their meal contains chicken period and cow tit juice. I have little sympathy for non-vegans, I feel like a huge majority of them know the awful detrimental effects that animal consumption bears and just how horrific it is in general, but they clearly don’t care as much as they claim to
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2021.12.01 18:09 am091195 anyone else catch that magnificent sunset last night?

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2021.12.01 18:09 Formal-Passenger2313 Had a UTI 3 days after sex. He’s clean I was not (I didnt shower that day cuz im an idiot & cuz of other reasons)

So I got UTI and I drank all the water and 8 cups of cranberry juice that day YES 8 cups. I counted. It went away quickly and the next day no symptoms BUT then it came back and I got the burning sensation in my urethra every day :(( it only goes away when i drink lots of water and a cup of cranberry juice. What do I do it just keeps coming back.
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2021.12.01 18:09 guatafaq Her lettuce was too wilted. Guess I should start writing my will

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2021.12.01 18:09 MathematicianGlad129 Question about fat loss

So I'm over a year on T now, only just got my levels sorted to a stable amount. I'm 19, 62-64kg most of the time and just around 5' 2" My problem is I store all of my fat in my thighs and lower stomach. I've just started to work out with some cardio. What would be your advice on exercises to help me lose it?
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2021.12.01 18:09 Bakkughan Welp, I'm completely broke, but I made some outfits I think are pretty dope

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2021.12.01 18:09 notespellingof (F24) Trying to identify small, soft, painless lumps

Somewhere around 9 months ago, I had a small (~1cm wide, barely protruded half a centimeter) soft lump appear on my underarm where I used to have a skin tag, but had accidentally yanked it out. It passed the flashlight test, so I wasn't super worried, and it has slowly shrunk and become firmer over time, but still passes the flashlight test.
I have just had another one that is almost exactly the same shape and size appear (embarrassingly) at the top of my buttcrack where I had previously had a pimple. This one also passes the flashlight test, is very soft and it is not painful, but is a bit embarrassing and I'm a bit worried that they will keep happening.
Neither of them has shown any sign of producing pus, being painful, or discolouration. I feel no pain from them even when pinched, which makes me think that they are full of fluid? I had assumed the first one was a cyst, but the slow shrinking behavior doesn't match up with what I have read.
Any advice/suggestions?
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2021.12.01 18:09 dmitrineilovich Vote count in AITA posts

On AITA, it would be great to have a vote counter near the top of the post, showing cumulative votes for nta, yta, esh, nah. Instead of having to wade through a bunch of comments (some of which are irrelevant and don't give an idea of their opinion). The upvotes for the post are not really a good metric, since you can upvote the post but still think yta. And some readers I'm sure would like to weigh in but not have to post a reply to do so. Thank you for your consideration
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2021.12.01 18:09 braveguppy I want more on the ears. What do you guys think?

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2021.12.01 18:09 DarivaRandomStuff Most used characters in Spiral Abyss 12 - Patch 2.2

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2021.12.01 18:09 jjatr Epic curry man

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2021.12.01 18:09 zayyfendii New Ps5 Lg

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2021.12.01 18:09 rubina_rubina Join BC.GAME and use the Lucky spin wheel to win 1 BTC every day for free - use referral code 1001bcz12e at sign up to claim the offer

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2021.12.01 18:09 GuyCarbonneauGOAT [Haynes] Portland guard Damian Lillard will be sidelined for at least 10 days with an MRI reveal of a lower abdominal tendinopathy.

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2021.12.01 18:09 Citizen7533 What we are experiencing is similar to what the AMC community went through the beginning of August during the delta variant. This will pass. Hold.

Still holding since February.
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2021.12.01 18:09 texandood Can anyone help me identify this? It is one of my favorites that I purchased long ago and have forgotten what it is. Thank you so much for help!

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2021.12.01 18:09 uranianhipster When does having good chemistry with someone justify getting into a relationship? Do relationships work by logic or is it more about emotion? Do you consider getting into a relationship because of your emotions or because of logic, like having things in common, shared values, etc?

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2021.12.01 18:09 acstro LF items on my wishlist! FT bells, items on your wishlist, gold nuggets, hybrid flowers, etc!

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2021.12.01 18:09 fullmoon77 deer knight trade ?

anyone have some extra deer knights? i need 5 more, i’ll trade you for something you may need :):):)
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2021.12.01 18:09 thesevendead Roll tray

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2021.12.01 18:09 ApacheShibe Can't use KRNL

Long story short, I got my version off the discord which is now deleted or something, so it's inaccessible to me. I tried to get it off of krnl.ca, but the bootstrapper fails to download half a dozen of the files and I can't use it. My current version doesn't work because it says that it's outdated and automatically closes. I even tried the WeAreDevs version and that didn't work either. What do I do????
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2021.12.01 18:09 Chaoticchild85 Opinions on UPS surepost?

I know that fedex smart post was horrible in my personal experience so im just curious if ups surepost is worth trying.
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