[SRPF50] Girlfriend’s First Automatic

2021.12.01 18:10 lrgformatfiend [SRPF50] Girlfriend’s First Automatic

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2021.12.01 18:10 UtherPenn Surround yourself with allies. (AMC Meeting with my wife)

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2021.12.01 18:10 Regular-Excitement41 Zonguldak Didim Web Tasarım

Didim Atalay web tasarım Didim Gizem web tasarım
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2021.12.01 18:10 bkcrypt0 Polygon ETP to Launch in Europe

21Shares is launching a Polygon exchange traded product giving traditional investors access to MATIC's growth. It's Europe's first traditional financial market coverage for Polygon.
Why it matters: Crypto markets are maturing to the point where traditional finance can't ignore them. Funds are growing (Canada and Europe now have Bitcoin spot ETPs — well ahead of the US). Ethereum spot ETFs are available as well. This enables an inflow of money that would ordinarily be on the crypto sidelines and brings a level of seriousness to the industry as a whole.
21Shares also offers Avalanche and ALGO funds. On the negative side their fees are 2.5%, which are quite high.
(Source: https://www.coindesk.com/business/2021/12/01/21shares-to-list-europes-first-polygon-etp-in-paris-amsterdam/)
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2021.12.01 18:10 TopShelfUsername Did Adam remove a video?

I remember him uploading a video recently of him and a dark haired girl talking on a couch.
Now I can’t find it
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2021.12.01 18:10 Main-Science-8729 What are the issues with using Immer?

I recently learned that Immer was created to offset the pains of Immutable.js, but now I am wondering what are the downfalls of Immer?
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2021.12.01 18:10 moviesandcats Hemi is a maker of facemasks.

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2021.12.01 18:10 MissionBCTrader Wednesday Dec 1/21

Volume 202 Million & Down 23%.
OTC Not for the Faint of Heart!
Sharp Shorters in Hyper Mode.
Deep Breatth ... DD Better All the Time.
News on Uplist/8K Potentially Just Hours Away.
Hold For Historic GAINS.
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2021.12.01 18:10 llullu-Fortune D'où sortent-ils les chiffres 47 000 cas en france 60 000 cas en Allemagne: avec leurs tests payants???? Un test positif par ailleurs n'est pas un cas clinique?

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2021.12.01 18:10 unassemble Rimeligere alternativer lovlig for å se premier league?

Finnes det noen tjenester som er lovlige, som har litt lavere pris enn tv 2 play, til å se premier league?
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2021.12.01 18:10 dwest531 Was a UMG 10.2 kit, stretched out links and new body

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2021.12.01 18:10 dantine97 Tiles randomly got smaller until I restarted the phone. Weird.

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2021.12.01 18:10 Hefty-Ad4673 Made an extra account exclusively for video game music and I’m not surprised at all

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2021.12.01 18:10 volocost Proof of my purchase. What do we say to the shadow realm? Not today!

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2021.12.01 18:10 IyeRyuc I really love Suisei, how can you tell?

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2021.12.01 18:10 Wayward_Prometheus New video reveals what Colby Covington actually said to Kamaru Usman after UFC 268 title fight

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2021.12.01 18:10 Agreeable-Poet5415 Names for eve and gilly landers.

I need names for my eve and gilly landers. They rode in on the same mother ship and the gilly probe is a return mission.
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2021.12.01 18:10 foodiemoodieee trying to get the new winter halo 2021

day 1: got dims now i know theres only 3 storys so good luck lol.
day 2:
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2021.12.01 18:10 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 192

The Pirates

In the darkness a devices starts blaring light and sound in the most obnoxious way imaginable. Moans, groans and mumbled curses in no less than seven different languages sound out before a hand grabs onto it and turns it on.
“What?” Jean-Luc demands into the communicator.
“Code Menace. I repeat. Code Menace. Everyone needs to be ready for war.” Jingay says at maximum volume and the message ends.
“Oh shit!” He exclaims climbing over everyone in the bed with him and hitting the lights which wakes up all his brides all the more. “Girls! Get up! There’s a call to action!”
His communicator goes off again and he holds down a button to put it on speaker as he dresses quickly. “Commander Martin here.”
“You’re up. Good. We need all hands on deck. Twenty minutes ago our main communication network went completely dark and our hidden sensors report several large ships in the system. They’re running as silently as they can and clearly angling for an attack.” Miles says and Jean-Luc bites down a curse.
“Got my boots and pants on and the girls are still standing up. Do you need anything beyond us getting to the rendezvous point ten minutes ago?”
“Negative. Put a motor on it.” Miles orders and the line goes dead.
“Alright girls you heard the man, we need to be at the rendezvous point yesterday!” Jean-Luc barks out as he grabs a hoodie and slips it on followed by his weapons and holsters.
It takes him a half hour to get to the rendezvous point with his wives, every second feeling like a personal failure. They rush into the formal sky raider’s fortress. A lot of pressure washers, bleach and some repairs later and it had proven an excellent central location for a main war council. One of the main ‘entertainment’ areas had been repurposed as a huge seating hall for the entire crew to hear.
It doesn’t take long for the hall to fill up, Jean-Luc sits with the rest of the men. Tactically they’re a single small unit attached to the rest. With two heavy gunners in Jake and Victor, Three melee experts with Lu, Ry and Marcus. A medic in Bec. Sia has apparently been practicing his hacking skills. Franklin is a game changer, Miles is a sharpshooter and quickdraw and Jean-Luc brings in the boom. Between the ten of them most everything could be locked down if it wasn’t blown completely to shit by the time they were half done.
“The Oregas Slavers have come to Vucsa.” Captain Lilpaw begins with cameras on her. “This group has been known to attack less defended Frontier worlds and drag away the populations in chains. They also have a reputation of slaughtering those that prove to be too rebellious and selling the corpses to Floric ships for food.”
“What are the forces arrayed against us? Do we have any Intel beyond an ID of the attackers?” Miles asks and Agenda nods before pressing a button on her podium. Above her a holographic display of the Vucsa system opens up above them and highlights no less than five ships positioning themselves over the world.
“There are five capital class ships, each one capable of housing many thousands of troops and carrying away tens if not hundreds of thousands of slaves in their holds. They have bombardment class Lasers and Plasma batteries.”
A panel lights up and a window shows up to show the tiny reptilian face of Hewhew. “What about their point defences? Do we have any ships that can harry them yet?”
“The defensive strike craft are still in production. This job is going to be for boarding parties and we’ll be striking very hard and fast. Baron Smith. Just yesterday you were teleporting entire satellites to the rings of Vucsa Six. Think you can repeat the performance with Mech-Squads?”
“Easily. The Axiom is still attuned to the spatial manipulation, so teleporting is a lot easier than usual for a while.” Franklin responds.
“Alright then. Then the ships are as good as ours. The only question is if we want them intact or in pieces. Some strategic bombs should cripple them at any rate.” Agenda says with a grin.
“Shit!” Franklin suddenly shouts jumping up and looking around.
“Can’t you feel it? Someone else is-” He begins before turning and suddenly hurling out a beam of pure light that intercepts a figure that’s suddenly there and charging him.
“ADEPT!” He screams as he catches the figure and is forced back into his seat. However the momentum of the woman is stopped. A bang has her brains painting down the row of seats as Miles wastes no time in drawing his revolver and blowing the woman’s life away. Franklin pushes off the corpse which slumps to the floor, an Erumenta, light blue skin and glowing orange white hair. She’s got easily pounds of khutha piercings through her face and massive bolts through her nipples, with a chain around her waist as well. Aside from that the crazy bitch is as naked as she is dead.
“Thanks. That was woman was on intercept to try and fuck with teleporters. I just tipped our hand.” Franklin says as he fingers the piercings around her face with a baffled expression.
“Did you tip our hand or do they think that she tipped theirs?” Agenda asks and Franklin shrugs.
“Does it matter? They know we know something now.” Miles asks as he reloads the spent shot calmly. “We need to move, Franklin, do you think they can be teleported into?”
“Possibly, but if they can sense the fact I teleported things yesterday they will definitely sense us coming if we try to send in a squad. The trip becomes a death trap.”
“Then reverse it. Baron Martin, you’re an explosives expert. You and Franklin are to show these intruders just how generous we can be on Vucsa. I want you to splurge.” Agenda orders them before turning back to the rest of the crowd.
“Looks like we’re going old school girls. These bitches have come and destroyed our communications grid, their ships are payment of the materiel and their lives are for the inconvenience.” She announces and there there’s a slight cheer. “Gentlemen, you’re to stick together and provide all the support needed in case there are further Adepts.”
“That’s a good call there captain, the chain has a tally mark. Either people she killed or her number. Meaning that someone with dozens of deaths to her name died like a chump, or there are dozens coming.” Franklin remarks as he holds up the khutha chain he already plundered from the corpse of the adept.
“Toss it.” Agenda orders and she quickly catches the chain that was sent flying in front of her. “Hmm, someone’s been doing their research on the Dark Cabal. A fangirl maybe?” Agenda mutters.
“Slave soldiers?” Miles asks and Agenda nods.
“This was one at least. Which means we have an easier job than usual. These lunatics do nothing to engender actual loyalty. We find their leader and end this. Boys, your bombing fun just became higher priority.”
“Then we better get going Jean-Luc, do you have the supplies you need here?”
“If we can pinpoint exactly where their boss is then we can do minimal damage to the ships while massacring the command staff.” He answers and Miles looks thoughtful.
“You talking chemical?” He asks an Jean-Luc grins.
“Bit of chemical mixing from the cleaning supplies and I can make things that even us humans would be fucking terrified of.” Jean-Luc says before thinking. “They may catch wise to it though. If they’re strong with Axiom-”
He’s interrupted by a shattering sound and something blurring that Franklin pounces on before resolving into him strangling what appears to be an earth Erumenta with his left hand as his right is doing something complicated and quick to her facial piercings. Then she slumps like a puppet with its strings cut. He then pulls back his right hand and shakes her; as a result she starts awake and looks around in shock. After a moment he lets go.
“Did I break enough for you to go treacherous or no?” He asks with a smile.
“I... this... I... I’m not fighting them. It’ll be horrible that I failed, but rebelling is even worse no matter how tough you think you are.” She mutters in shock.
“Are there more like you?” Miles asks as a grin stretches over his face and Franklin cracks his neck.
“Yes, hundreds.”
“We’ll find someone brave among their number.” Miles remarks before leaning out to the side to ensure that he’s looking straight at Agenda. “Love, we’re gonna be sticking to the plan and trying to see if any of these girls have anything useful. With luck one of them will tell us exactly where to send explosive notes of appreciation.”
“Fuck me, I’m gonna have to break out the real toys. I actually got a stash in here just in case. Let’s head down a few floors so I can grab the fun stuff.”
“Let’s keep things without Axiom in them. It’ll up the surprise factor.”
“Sure, we going really old school? Dynamite with a clock on it?” Jean-Luc asks while snickering.
“Dude I would pay to know we’re playing with that kind of funny.” Jake remarks with a chuckle.
“Well prepare to go into debt, because I can make it happen.”
“Be on guard, they’re targeting our most powerful Axiom Adept on the night side of the planet. This is too tactical to be a mistake. They have a plan of attack, meaning they have contingencies.” Agenda warns them.
“Ma’am.” Franklin says with a salute. “We’ll be reverse ambushing all of them and leaving them with only the information that their adepts aren’t coming back. If we can get a cooperative one out of them then we’ll know exactly where to hit. But if we can’t figure out where the head of this snake is, then what do you want us to hit after the main bridge? Engines?”
“I was thinking more the central power cores, it’ll knock out the weapons, shields and the engines. Get moving you ten.” Agenda orders them and they start clearing out of the room. “You! Erumenta, if you won’t help out then sit down and stay out of the way. We’ve got an army to kill.”
“I’m starting to think the... the monster may have run up against more than she can handle.”
“Most likely.” Agenda says. “Care to talk?”
“NO! She’ll rip out my hair and head crystals from the inside out!”
“Lovely.” Agenda notes wryly before Franklin scoots over and flcisk the woman in the forehead. In a rather unusual display of power, all of her khutha piercings then fall out of her face, neatly severed at the important points to prevent them from staying in the flesh.
“Did you just make the Axiom thicker!?” She demands and his eyebrows raise.
“I’m impressed, most don’t notice. They pay attention to the flow, texture, hue and alignment but not the freaking density. Which is concerning because when that hits critical mass it collapses into Null.” Franklin remarks.
“What... at what density does Axiom collapse into Null?” She asks in a terrified tone.
“Operational security won’t let me answer. Hope you’re not too disappointed.” He says mockingly patting the side of her face.
“Franklin, no toying with Null near allied forces.” Agenda chides him and an enormous smile blooms over Franklin’s face. “And I just gave you ideas.”
“Yes, thank you ma’am. If the only allied forces that will be hit by the Null are immune to its effects is it allowed then?”
“Yes.” She answers and her expression turns from somewhat concerned to straight up amused as Franklin woops. As the men start rushing out of the room, clearly infected with their Adept’s excited nature Agenda turns back to the audience.
“Clearly we need to hurry up ladies, otherwise the men are going to have all the fun in tearing apart this invasion.” Agenda pauses in the speech to turn to the captured and confused Axiom adept. “What do you-”
She’s cut off by the sound of scuffle near the men and she turns to regard them.
“She’s clean! Throw!” Franklin says and another Erumenta. Pale blue of skin and with limp white hair goes soaring through the air to land and roll to a stop at the feet of the other captured member who’s now staring in shock. A trail of khutha piercings that fell out of her face bouncing to a stop behind her as the last one or two pieces fall out of place.
“Good timing. What do you two think? Are we going to have to break out the hidden weapons to completely wipe out the threat to our world or are we going to be in nothing more than a fun race with the men on how many ships and commanding officers we can take out like target practice?” Agenda asks with a smile that shows her many, many sharp teeth. “Speaking of, girls, it’s time to scramble. Get your armour on. These ships are expecting an easy kill and giving us one in a wonderful case of irony. This is one of those days the Galaxy just kisses you on the lips and tells you you’ve been a good girl.”
“What is going on!?” The newly freed Ice Erumenta Adept demands.
“Your former owner picked the WRONG fight and is going to be made sport of. We’ve been going insane trying to be peaceful so... yes, it’s a race on who can do the most damage the fastest. And we have got to put some speed in girls! The boys have a head start already!!”
“Even their men are insane combat monsters. This world isn’t a colony experiencing an economic boom, it’s a newly formed warrior kingdom.” The first captured/liberated Adept groans into her hands.
“Close!” Agenda agrees as the whole rooms scrambles. She doesn’t even try to contain the chaos. She had tried earlier to be serious and dedicated and calm and all royal and all that garbage. But no, she was just as excited as everyone else at the prospect of some action. If even the men who were notorious for always finding ways to keep busy were getting this restless then her crew must have been on the cusp of mutiny for the sake of entertainment. “This is going to be fun.”
First Last
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