Should I tribute that topmodel slut?

2021.12.01 18:02 mmmh_lena Should I tribute that topmodel slut?

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2021.12.01 18:02 KirkSpano dMY Tech redemption won't hurt Planet launch DMYQ DMYQ.U

quick note to clients/readers...
DMY Tech is bringing Google aligned Planet which is ramping up sales and business operations already based on their large satellite constellation.
The share price for DMYQU is close to $11, so I don't see any big risk of a dive after redemptions. I think it is more likely we see a robust options market once the new symbol is active. Planet will trade as PL.
Once the units split, you'll get a share of PL and 1/5 warrant of PL, so every 5 units get you 1 share of PL.
If you own DMYQ shares, those will just convert to PL.
The Google connection and all the other contracts really give Planet a leg up in this space and I have been calling them best of the bunch for a while now. They have a lead on the other satellite-as-a-service companies so want this one from go. I will accumulate others such as BSKY, SPIR and SATL on the dips, already have starters in BKSY and SPIR.
I am not only holding onto my DMYQU, I am rounding up the position to 4% buying more under $11 while I can. This will put me at a 5% exposure to Planet in a few weeks. I am ok with that. I can manage it from there and think the options market is going to support significant opportunities.
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2021.12.01 18:02 DyeSueKey90 Life-Sized Quintessential Quintuplets Acrylic Stands (US$1,600 Each)

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2021.12.01 18:02 X88joe88x Server queue bug

I'm on PC friends are ps5. Whenever we queue into matches when doing crossplay it always takes forever if we are even lucky enough to find one. Then we will get into a game and immediately after the game the party bricks up and we can't hear each other or start a game. Most of the time we have to completely reboot the game. We also get snapshot error and kicked from games all the time. I cannot be party leader on PC as we always get an error that says "followed back to main menu" before getting into a match.
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2021.12.01 18:02 Kassabad The HCS skins have better colour schemes than every paid and every BP Shader

Honestly every shader in the battle pass is shit and the only one I like in the store is Bone Bleached. I would love some pitch black armor with red accents (BLACK, not this grey shit) but the closest to that is the G2 armor (C9 has a better shade of black though).
Which of course can't be used with a single alternative piece of armor. What the fuck.
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2021.12.01 18:02 Upstairs_Working5252 Thankssss you

I’m sorry i didn’t get a picture but I just fed my snake and after he was done eating he slithered back into his favorite hide ( Exo terra Naturel rock hide) and he poked his head out and have me a thank you with his tong flicks then he went back inside anyways I thought it was funny and I’d share it
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2021.12.01 18:02 videogamehero67 You could probably jump over a lot of fences with a pogo stick

Just hop over a fence with a high bouncing pogo stick
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2021.12.01 18:02 THSSFC Captain Crunch Pilots the Titanic

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2021.12.01 18:02 shaky_pirate Don't be stupid

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2021.12.01 18:02 BananaGuy71 Very exquisite music taste

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2021.12.01 18:02 DarkChild9 Best Hotels In Haridwar - For Families, Couples, Work Trips, Luxury & Budget

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2021.12.01 18:02 mamajohns107 In honor of the 3rd lawsuit…

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2021.12.01 18:02 yummm199 Nalgona

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2021.12.01 18:02 plateauofsilence 2019 Civic bluetooth issues

I'm trying to connect a very old Android phone (Samsung stratosphere) to the cars Bluetooth and it connects fine but when I try voice dial, it does not work. I can tell it to dial a number which works but when I say a name it says it couldn't understand me. How do I fix this?
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2021.12.01 18:02 jerbear30ky RUN
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2021.12.01 18:02 cakeman21recroom Finished the mando outfit and I put it next to the bee keeper what do you guys think of the outline and I'm thinking of doing a rec tuber so who should I do next

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2021.12.01 18:02 WonderfulComb6627 Help

I have 2c curly hair and am following CG method from last 3 years. I tried Garnier papaya hair food recently and after using it my hair have become lifeless and looks like straw. I tried moisturising them but nothing seems to be helping.
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2021.12.01 18:02 coredweller1785 42 mil

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2021.12.01 18:02 mr_pytr What song gives the best, full-body eargasm?

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2021.12.01 18:02 Fair_Ask670 Jordy - Dur Dur D'etre Bebe
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2021.12.01 18:02 Pele_MWHE I hate myself for this.

In the past few days, I made like 3 posts about me not being able to decide whether I should Quit IT university and go for chemistry-centered Uni because I hate coding and was always interested in chemistry.
I was basicly not sure If i want to go IT way in life where I would have a lot of well paid job offers or go for a Chemistry might not even find a job in my field of study but at least don't do something I hate.
But now I realized that I was just hoping that someone would comment something like: "Go for the chemistry fallow your passion" ... The truth is I don't care about the job part I am just afraid that I will do it alone ... when I went to high school I had friends from elementary with me, when I went to my current IT Uni. again I had friends from high school with me but now ... I would go into that first grade alone (Its funny because I would still attend Uni. in the same city as my friends ...).
or maybe I am just afraid that I am doing something that I want to do after a loooooooooong time .... I always did what I was supposed to do but never what I wanted ...
I-I-I don't even know what I am feeling I don't even know what I want .... I am so confused and lost .....
And here I go making another post that's basically me ranting how indecisive and confused I am .
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2021.12.01 18:02 Serrot69 Would you take profits on Nvidia in favor of SMH?

I’m up on Nvidia over 150%, and I’m debating selling it in favor of buying a semiconductor ETF. I still believe in the sector but I think Nvidia is currently overvalued.
Moreover, Jim Cramer said he ain’t selling any Nvidia, which is clearly a sell signal lol
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2021.12.01 18:02 Intelligent-River409 LPT: If you're ever in a car and you start to feel sick, stick your head out the window. Trust me, it really works.

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2021.12.01 18:02 invisy_psd pokemon look cool

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2021.12.01 18:02 Littlepiggies718 Check out this amazing edit my friend did

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