let's imagine an alternate universe...

2021.12.01 17:49 Toritheidiot let's imagine an alternate universe...

imagine in a universe, far away, Byleth and Min Min are swapped in the DLC fighter passes. Min Min is the last character in FP1, and Byleth is the first character in FP2. how would that go? would Byleth receive less hate or would they still be ragged on for being another fire emblem character? and as for Min Min, i think she would still get ragged on because it's Min Min. she's apparently the new punching bag of this subreddit, with the old punching bag previously being Ness.
idk i was just curious and i wanna know your guys' thoughts on this. also, they change how they reveal Byleth because oh lord that reveal trailer was atrocious looking back on it. (although my dumbass didn't know Byleth was a fire emblem character when i first saw them lmfao but then i saw people complaining about them because fire emblem and i was just there like "wait they're fire emblem?")
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2021.12.01 17:49 Radicalmaticals Impossible to catch palkia

I cannot catch palkia it can be on a sliver of health and instantly escape the ball I am a higher level then it I've never had this much trouble catching a legendary. I've been using ultra balls no luck, is there something I'm doing wrong I'm dumb founded with what to do.
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2021.12.01 17:49 Issue_Child Not sure how much “gore” this is but I still felt like it belonged here.

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2021.12.01 17:49 _8bol King & Dennis

Between King and Dennis, who should I sign for my FPL team? Who do you think will accumulate the most FPL points?
View Poll
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2021.12.01 17:49 devilsrollthedice Samoyed having episodes of dizziness

Firstly I want to preface this story with the information that I took my dog to the emergency vet where he was checked out and sent home, and will of course get him the ongoing care he needs, I am just posting to find out if anyone else has experienced anything like this.
I have an 11month old intact male samoyed. He is supposed to get neutered next week. Some days he is not interested in eating breakfast and will get nauseous mid morning and throw up bile. Last weekend he did this, followed by stumbling a little and looking dizzy. I thought he maybe got a head rush, and it was a one off thing, but this morning it happened again. I saw him out the window after throwing up he stumbled around in a circle like he was very drunk and then fell over. I ran outside and he righted himself fairly quickly and then seemed normal again when I asked him if he wanted a greenie.
He then ate breakfast while I called the vet and then emergency vet. I took him in, they did an exam, I showed them the ring camera footage of him falling, and they did blood work to make sure his vitals/glucose/electrolytes were okay. They also did an ekg. His heart sounded fine, all his labs were good, no obvious problems.
Their best guess was that he had some kind of vasovagal reaction to throwing up, and recommended that we log any other incidents and get a cardiovascular consult if it happens again. They said beyond that, “could be” a neurological issue. Has anyone else ever encountered something like this?
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2021.12.01 17:49 ozbake Hit a billion today. Tres comas!

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2021.12.01 17:49 DiscoMT SCS for Si Joint Neuropathic pain?

I'm currently considering a SCS trial. I have what presents mostly as Si Joint pain but it could be coming from somewhere in lumbar area. Scans show no impingement, diagnostic/epidural/injections are inconclusive.
Has anybody found relief for nerve pain for their SIJoint from a SCS?
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2021.12.01 17:49 Alaaghourani Is this fake or real ? Today I got my first pair of Dr Martens, But I think I was scammed. I attached some photos, the finish of the product is really bad.

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2021.12.01 17:49 ia2ca2 Holiday Giveaway 2021 - AMIGO Games Prize Package (12/30/2021) {US} [ARV $50]

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2021.12.01 17:49 Aakedoublez1224 Rare Spec? Have not seen same spec in SD after 100 races.

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2021.12.01 17:49 YaySushi Dhdhehevah kittyfish

Spent four full in game days 6am-1am, and still have not caught one. Fall 4, Year 2
Yes. The Camilla event was triggered. I’ve tried eating spicy eel & ginger ale too just because.
Is there something I am missing?!
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2021.12.01 17:49 ZealousidealChair298 Wer Mina Oder Götze feiert ist Gay

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2021.12.01 17:49 krunningduger swimmers, me, oil on panel, 2021

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2021.12.01 17:49 Perfect-Tomato9537 Good mic preamps for the TLM 103

Hey guys I finally pulled the trigger and bought a TLM 103 and now I need some help figuring out what would be a good external mic preamp for it?
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2021.12.01 17:49 QuietSoftware6203 Are u mad?

Sent me same trash $3 order 3x with no extra money. Stop being greedy DD. Not driving 10 mi for $3
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2021.12.01 17:49 BalrogBeat [FREE] Nardo Wick x GetRichZay Type Beat - "Escape" (prod. by @byBalrog x @Mvmbo)

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2021.12.01 17:49 johnjay80 Toddler perfectly mimics Rocky Balboa's iconic training scene from Rocky II

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2021.12.01 17:49 dusty_safiri Lost, drifting, and I have literally every path of head of me.

I got separated from the military in summer of 2020 just as covid was hitting us hard. I'm lucky that I get disability from my medical issues and a severance pay so I have not had to go back to work yet.
I'm losing my mind sitting around the house. I also think I have untreated ADHD because I struggle to start or complete pretty much anything. I sit around the house because I don't really function. I do want to go back to work. I'm totally okay with going back to school. Talking to my veteran affairs counselor, I literally have every option to me that I can physically do.
I've taken the career fitter test where I'm a Developer. My quest is competency, my style is visionary, my strength is strategic system building. Personality-wise I am reserved, theoretical, analytical, and structured. The suggested careers from this test put me solidly and doctorate level training. Neurologist, cardiologist, surgeon, astronomer or physicist, lawyer, and judge. I'm not a post to doctorate, just keep reading from more information on me.
Holland Code is ICA, Investigative, Conventional, Artistic. The other information I have from the military for interest and skills typically lands me in science or business management. I would like to be a scientist but I literally cannot narrow it down. I have interests in practically every field. I want my work to be useful and meaningful.
I have a completely useless bachelor's degree in music performance because I liked the "math of music". Well I enjoy performing, I have never intended to make it a career. My job in the military was intelligence and I am not expecting any intelligence jobs available when we finally move to Minnesota. Technical writing is probably the closest job description in the civilian world to what I did, but I have had no bites on technical writing applications mostly because my background is in the defense industry not in whatever technical field that company does.
I simultaneously feel like I'm not intelligent and resilient enough (imposter syndrome) and that I'm not living up to my potential. I have doubted every career choice I've ever made. I have no hobbies. My husband calls me a chameleon who just kind of latches on to the hobbies of others around me. I have practically every kind of craft imaginable but I have never finished anything. (I just found a dress I was sewing 14 years ago in the basement still unfinished.)
I can take all the quizzes I want, generate lists and narrow them down, but nothing quite feels right. It doesn't feel like the right choice and I'm just completely lost. This is literally keeping me up at night and making me physically ill with worry. I do believe I could have been a doctor at one time, but I developed anxiety during my time in the military especially around work and bosses. I absolutely can knuckle down and be extremely competent during emergencies. I have proven this over and over again, however, that doesn't mean I enjoy those situations. My anxiety has gotten so bad I definitely want something a little more relaxed and don't think a high pressure job like medical is the place for me.
Seriously, I need help. I don't know where to go. I don't know how to find interests. I've tried reaching out to folks to see if I can like follow them along at work and no one is doing that ever since covid hit. I'm just completely lost. The one job I did choose I got bored halfway through the schooling. I feel like I'm missing the key that helps me figure all this out.
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2021.12.01 17:49 Leonidus82 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🏙🩳✊✊✊✊🦍🦍

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2021.12.01 17:49 GodLuckSitter God like luck

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2021.12.01 17:49 darkened-foxes Sunset boys

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2021.12.01 17:49 OneofthozJoeRognguys Final product. 3.5 months. Thanks for all the help and guidance; couldn’t be happier with the results🤌🏼

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2021.12.01 17:49 stimatobou Reshiram 1023 9421 3106

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2021.12.01 17:49 luisawella I don’t think love is for me 😥😥😥😢

"We were together for over a year and always talked about getting a place together, but near the end he just kind of disappeared. He finally broke up with me after a couple of months of half-ass ghosting me, but said he still loved me, and just didn't have the time for me. He's now married with kids and I don't want him back, but I want to know why. What really happened? What was it I did to make him want to leave? I haven't been in a relationship since and now I'm not sure I can be in one."
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