Bill would shield whites from ‘discomfort’ of racist past in Florida

2022.01.19 12:52 cheekymarxist Bill would shield whites from ‘discomfort’ of racist past in Florida

A bill pushed by Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that would prohibit public schools and private businesses from making white people feel “discomfort” when they teach students or train employees about discrimination in the nation’s past received its first approval.
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2022.01.19 12:52 Far_Cookie_1030 (in-house PR) I have strong reasons to believe my boss isn't ready for PR yet. Am I delusional?

Dear colleagues in PR - I could really use some guidance. This is my first opportunity in PR, but I have 10+ years of corporate experience in another industry, so I have been through a lot and wouldn't be taken down easily. However, the situation I am living in at the moment is taking my mental health down the drain.
I began working at a medium-sized company, reporting directly to the owner, and there is no mid-management or any specialist to guide me through the industry. My biggest problem is this person. While I try, exhaustively, to explain that modern PR is about brand awareness and bringing value with newsworthy information (you all know it better than I do), I am constantly interrupted by the very old idea that PR is only cold calls and cold email pitches. There's also an unrealistic expectation that if I call a journalist out of nowhere without even knowing them, they will engage in a delightful conversation with me anytime (lol), so I am forced to try it as well.
Of course, I am having trouble getting us published because there is not a lot we can offer to the media that is, per se, newsworthy. There is no green light to build communities, nor create content for guest postings, and any pitch that is not extremely technical on the products is not approved, which leaves me wondering: is my boss really ready for PR? Wouldn't it be wiser to first build a community exploring those technical matters and develop their social media channels to gather some minor attention and scale up from there?
I am beyond frustrated and demotivated - but it would really help if any of you, with much more experience than I have, could tell me if I am delusional. Alternatively, maybe I am just not finding the correct storytelling yet. Could that be the problem?
Despite being a creative person and my willingness to make it happen, the demands from top management are constantly bringing me down. I can't waste time building a PR plan, I don't have a KPI guidance to follow, and don't even ask me about the other highly important PR activities. I am only allowed to reach out to the media with subjects they are not interested in (sales pitch). I don't know how to move from this situation, which makes me extremely upset and insecure. Can any of you help me out?
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2022.01.19 12:52 Icaro_2006 N...n é culpa dos video jaimes

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2022.01.19 12:52 Moon-Madness [QUESTION] Does changing the tuning affect intonation?

Hi all, my first post here :) Basically thinking, changing the tuning also changes the tension of the strings. If you just tune up or tune down in the standard setting, I guess the proportional tension distribution among the strings will not change, but if you change it to alternate settings (like Drop D or Open E), this proportion will also change. In either way, do I have to readjust intonation or the neck whenever I switch to a different tuning? Thank you!
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2022.01.19 12:52 Idkwhatoname72 If I buy the battle pass now and Im at tier 40 will I have to restart the tiers and if I dont have to will I get the items and rewards I missed out on?

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2022.01.19 12:52 rubeserra “Colégio dos Jesuítas”, painted by Eduardo Dias

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2022.01.19 12:52 Metalkon Where can I find some good information about covid and the vaccine for my parents who are more scared of the vaccine than the virus?

My parents (mother and step father, 60's/50's) are scared of side effects of the vaccine and think it's more dangerous than the actual virus itself. They are getting completely sucked into all of the fear about the vaccine and are borderline becoming anti-vaxx though have enough sense in them for the most part to not become those sterotypical anti-vaxxers but are still scared of side effects crippling or killing people and stuff (Some relatives have had some issues after taking it which doesn't help).
Where can I find some good trustworthy medical information to share with them that will ease them up about the vaccine risks compared to the threat of the actual virus.
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2022.01.19 12:52 Smith_fallblade We be vibing

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2022.01.19 12:52 BanjoDude222 Is there a brewery where I can watch the Bengals game on Saturday?

Coming into town from Cincinnati and would love to post up somewhere with good beer to watch the game (food would be nice too). I will be staying with family who live in Grandview Heights and have to pop over to Old North Columbus after the game so bonus points if it is in the vicinity of these places.
I've been googling and clicking on pictures of different breweries to see what the insides are like, but thought this might be easier.
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.19 12:52 JakeTee The Golden One is Jaskiers best song. You can't change my mind!

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2022.01.19 12:52 semiscribbled I drew this on different paper first and didn’t like it. Went back to my beloved Moleskine and loved it.

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2022.01.19 12:52 Sahapps cumback 😎

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2022.01.19 12:52 I_dab_rez 💦➡️🍑

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2022.01.19 12:52 charlottedoo Where was your contraband hiding spot when you were a kid/teenager?

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2022.01.19 12:52 cbvv1992 🔥70% Off Code – $3.60-$4.20 Huggie Hypoallergenic Earrings for Women Girls!!

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2022.01.19 12:52 Org31 68y/o Sex Worker Caroline

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2022.01.19 12:52 Bill-Thick I feel lonely and unwelcome...

I've been hired as a chemistry teacher in this public school. The former teacher left during the semester, and I am not sure why. One of the teacher said this she was not getting along with the others.
In the past two months, I have already noticed that none of the teachers are really close to one another, I spend almost the entire week not speaking to anyone. I only talk to students and administrators occasionally. Although none of the school's teachers came to me and welcomed me, I like the school, I am all alone but feel so lonely.
It makes me wonder how former chem teacher didn't get along with other people. I mean, almost no one wants to talk to each other. How you cannot get along without any interaction! lol.
I miss my old school, we used to get together after work for coffee and happy hour, that helped me to vent and get to know others.
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2022.01.19 12:52 Moonwatcher76 Safemoon can't get an easy $0.01?

I keep seeing people post how they don't think Safemoon can reach a dollar and maybe not even a penny, within a short period. Dogecoin went from 10ths of a penny to like 74 cents in a couple of days. Granted that had the Elon hype. I can see a few cents worth by March. If not much higher than that. Curious about the thoughts.
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2022.01.19 12:52 plum-crumble When people say that inflation is now 5%, what's the frame of reference? Year on year, month on month, or something else entirely?

Apparently inflation is the highest in 30 years and now stands at 5.4%, but I don't really get what that means.
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2022.01.19 12:52 JanewayForPresident I drink warm tap water with a splash of brewed coffee. I call it an Americana.

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2022.01.19 12:52 dishitnuts wasnt the sub at like 29.9k members 2 weeks ago?

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2022.01.19 12:52 occams-shiv Memes aside, an interesting read

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2022.01.19 12:52 OleLooLe ich_iel

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2022.01.19 12:52 Sky_High8422 Hats off

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2022.01.19 12:52 mencio How to reduce your method calls by 99.9% by replacing Thread#pass with Queue#pop - a case study based on Karafka framework benchmarking

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